IceCube After School Event

Working with high schoolers to make a replica IceCube Detector.

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is a particle detector located at the South Pole. Leveraging about a cubic kilometer of ice, the detector is designed to detect and better understand neutrinos.

Working with local high school students, we built a scale replica of IceCube to display in the Physics Ingersoll Museum. Our students were divided into 4 teams: Hardware, Software, Computer-aided design (CAD), and Marketing, with each team being headed by a graduate student. I headed the CAD team, and together, we built a 3D replica of the scale model to document our physical work and promote reproducibility in case future universities and high schools would like to create their own models.

Raheem Hashmani
Raheem Hashmani
High Energy Physics Researcher. Ph.D. student at UW-Madison.